Covid-19 Tennis Rules Update

The changes To the Covid-19 Tennis Rules provide for the following:

1.    Removes the requirement to wear gloves - This had a questionable
value and served no real purpose in the overall prevention scenario. In
fact, they could be more detrimental than not having gloves at all, as most
of us wear the same gloves each time we play, and hand washing/disinfectant
provides a more effective deterrent,
2.    Allows players to swap sides after each set - As all players are
typically off the court between sets, there is no rationale in insisting
they return to the original side irrespective of how may sets are played.
Additionally, the sun places one of the couples at an unfair advantage if
having to remain on the same side,
3.    Increases the court reservation time to 1.5 hours - Currently the
majority of play is at the 9:00 AM hour, after which there are seldom any
further reservations thereafter. This pattern may change with the upcoming
winter months and cooler weather; however, the change increases play time
and should avoid any issues with players running over allotted time for
courts with concurrent reservations,
4.    Allows for reciprocating players - Although the restriction of 4
players per court remains in force, a foursome is permitted to cycle-in
additional players provided that the replaced player(s) immediately leave(s)
the fenced tennis court area, and any players awaiting entry remain outside
the confines of the tennis court while complying with existing safe
distancing and face mask requirements.
5.    The ban on spectators remains in effect.